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What Are the Different Methods for Residential Carpet Cleaning?


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Residential carpet cleaning methods used will greatly depend on how much foot traffic the carpet gets, and if any children and pets live in the house, in addition to whether anyone in the house suffers from allergies. It is extremely important to the lifespan of the carpet to choose a method which is suitable for the materials it is made from. It explains why it is better for people to hire a professional than attempting to deep clean their own carpets. These services offer various methods of cleaning, which are dry cleaning, shampooing, foam cleaning, steam and bonnet cleaning. In the materialĀ of which method is used, every carpet which is to be deep cleaned must be vacuumed thoroughly beforehand.

Carpet cleaning which uses shampooing is considered the least effective method. It consists of applying special detergents on the carpet and agitated by a machine. The shampoo will then be extracted from the carpet via vacuuming. The detergents contain brighteners and deodorizers which will leave a carpet looking and smelling good, however, a great deal of the dirt and microbes remain in the carpet to reappear later on.

The dry cleaning method is more preferable, due to the fact no waiting time is needed for the carpets to dry. This is done by covering a carpet with a cleaning powder which attracts dirt like a magnet. Once the powder has been worked deep into the carpet, it will then be thoroughly vacuumed out.

The foam carpet cleaning technique is a mixture of shampooing and dry cleaning. It uses very little water and a foaming detergent which attracts and adheres to the dirt. Once the foam has been worked into the carpet, it will be thoroughly vacuumed, this extract most of the water, dirt, and detergent.

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