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Is Ammonia a Safe Cleaning Agent?

Will Your Local Carpet and Tile Cleaning Service Use Ammonia?

Ammonia is normally used as a household cleaning supply ingredient, ranging from surface and glass cleaners, disinfectant sprays etc. When exposed to the air, it morphs into a gas that has a distinct smell. Most cleaners have around 5% to 10% concentration of this substance, which is not strong enough to harm adults; however, it can create eye, mouth, nose, and lung irritation within some individuals if not used correctly. By taking precautionary steps, like properly ventilating a room when using it and wearing rubber gloves, this liquid can be a safe and effective way to clean.


Like most chemicals which are used to clean things within a home, ammonia has the potential to be harmful to people and household pets. Before you begin cleaning, open any windows and air vents, and if you have ceiling fans, turn them on also. Should there not be any air vents or ceiling fans, put a box fan in the window to circulate air within the room you are going to be working in. Pets and children should be kept well away from this area since the fumes could affect them more seriously than adults.


At The Carpet Surgeons, our carpet and tile cleaning service technicians never recommend to our clients that they use ammonia, as it can cause untold damage to no-wax floors, special tiles, and fabrics like carpets and upholstery. While some recommend using it to get rid of stains off carpets and sofas, we advise you first spot test it. There is a chance that this cleaner could discolor the fabric and leave a mark which looks worse than the original stain.

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